Install packages in a certain order with Poetry


Is there a way to set the .toml file up so you will have the dependencies installed in a certain order with Poetry?

Imagine I have the following .toml:

wxPython = "4.1.1"
python = "^3.9"
pandas = "^1.4.2"
Faker = "^13.13.0"
pymarc = "^4.2.0"

How can I make sure wxPython always is installed first?

Asked By: Fontanka16



Poetry already takes care of this for you. It will install wxPython in your example before any other packages that declare a dependency on it.

Answered By: Code-Apprentice

There is no way to tell Poetry to install packages in a certain order. The reason for this is, because it is not needed.

If the package provide a wheel the content is just extracted to the appropriate target folder.

If the package only provides an sdist and therefor a wheel needs to be build, this happens an a fresh isolated environment. Thus, the build process does not have access to any previously installed package.

If the build process fail, due to a missing dependency in the build environment, the package maintainers miss to declare those build-dependencies according to PEP-518. Once this is fixed, those dependencies are installed in the isolated build environment during the build process.

Answered By: finswimmer
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