Is it possible to import a folder as a module?


I have a library I’m working on that is intended to be imported like import raycekar as rk and have its individual files referenced as rk.unit.whatever. This is the directory structure:

| |
| |
| |

From within, if I from raycekar import ui, I can access ui. If I want to import raycekar as rk, rk.ui raises an AttributeError unless the from a import b variation is used first.

How can I make it such that accessing attributes as rk.ui or rk.env works without having to perform a from raycekar import *?

I’m working with Python 3.8+

Asked By: AwesomeCronk



What did you write in your file?
For me it worked by writing this in my file:

from .ui import *
from .env import *

But every additional file you add the raycekar directory you will have to manually import in your just as shown before.

I hope this helps.

Answered By: sab0
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