any better way to validate string pattern after the key word found in txt file?


I am trying to check strings in input file and used re to compose pattern and parsed input file. Here, input is csv file with multiple lines of sql like script, I want to validate strings in order like first check keyword1, then check ketword2 then check keyword3 in each line of input csv file. By doing this, I used for loop but I feel like there is must be better way to handle this. Does anyone suggest how to tackle with this?

use case

CREATE application vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc WITH some text
CREATE flow flow_src_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc some text
CREATE stream main_stream_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc with some text
CREATE OR REPLACE target comp_tgt_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc some text

to handle this, I tried this:

    with open('myinput.txt', 'r+') as f:
        lines = f.readlines()
        nlines = [v for v in lines if not v.isspace()]
        for line in nlines:
            for string in line:
                for word in kword:
                    if string is word:
                        print('type is', atype)  # such as application, flow, stream
                        if atype in ['application', 'flow', 'steam']:
                            value=next(atype)  ## such as vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc, flow_src_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc
                            print("name", value)
                            print("name not found")
                        print("type is not correct")

but doing this is not efficient code. I think re might do good job here instead. Does anyone have better idea on this?


basically, I need to parse each line where if I spot keyword1 such as CREATE, then check word next to ketword1, if nextword is application, then print this and check next word of it, where I composed pattern as follow:

m=re.match(pat1, curStr, re.M)

here is case the eachline has differnt pattern such as


how can we make this simple for parsing each line with re? any thoughts?

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The regex seems like it can be way simpler than what you’re trying. How about this:

import re

matcher = re.compile(r"^(CREATE(?: OR REPLACE)?) (S+) (S+).*$")

with open("test.txt", "r") as f:
    for line in f:
        if match := matcher.match(line):
            action, action_type, value = match.groups()
            print(f"{action=}, {action_type=}, {value=}")


action='CREATE', action_type='application', value='vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc'
action='CREATE', action_type='flow', value='flow_src_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc'
action='CREATE', action_type='stream', value='main_stream_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc'
action='CREATE OR REPLACE', action_type='target', value='comp_tgt_vat4_xyz_rcc_clm1_trm_soc'

If you want to further validate the values, I would take the results from the first regex and pipe them into more specialized regex’s for each case.

import re

line_matcher = re.compile(r"^(CREATE(?: OR REPLACE)?) (S+) (S+).*$")
value_matchers = {
    "application": re.compile(r'^vatd+_(xyz|abs)_rcc_clmd+_trm_(soc|aws)'),
    "flow": re.compile(r'^flow_src_vatd+_(xyz|abs)_rcc_clmd+_trm_(soc|aws)'),
    "stream": re.compile(r'^main_stream_vatd+_(xyz|abs)_rcc_clmd+_trm_(soc|aws)'),
    "target": re.compile(r'^comp_tgt_vatd+_(xyz|abs)_rcc_clmd+_trm_(soc|aws)'),

with open("test.txt", "r") as file:
    for line in file:
        if not (line_match := line_matcher.match(line)):
            print(f"Invalid line: {line=}")

        action, action_type, value = line_match.groups()
        if not (value_matcher := value_matchers.get(action_type)):
            print(f"Invalid action type: {line=}")

        if not value_matcher.match(value):
            print(f"Invalid {action_type} value: {line=}")

        # Do some work on the items
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