Export Lastest Quarter yfinance Balance Sheet Results Into Single Excel Workbook?


The code below is what I have so far, thanks to Luis from my earlier question. The current code creates a separate worksheet for each ticker (and all quarters). Current results are pictured below.

I would like to have one sheet with just the latest quarter results. So the results in column B would be AMZN, column C would be MSFT, column D would be FB, and all from the latest quarter reports (6/30/22 for these particular stocks).

import pandas as pd
import yfinance as yf
import datetime
import time

companies = ['AMZN','MSFT','FB']

company_metrics = {}
for company in companies:
        company_metrics[company] = {}
        company_info = yf.Ticker(company)
        company_metrics[company] = company_info.quarterly_balance_sheet
with pd.ExcelWriter('multiple_stocks.xlsx') as writer:
   for i in companies:
        df = pd.DataFrame(company_metrics[i])
        df.to_excel(writer, sheet_name=i)

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This works for me:

results = []

for i in companies:
        result = company_metrics[i].iloc[:, 0]

Then build the dataframe:

df = pd.DataFrame(results).T
df.columns = companies

Lastly, build the excel:


enter image description here

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