Set two colors for a point of a matplotlib-scatter plot


So Realising that this may not possible. What I want to do, looks something like this:

point_x = [1]
point_y = [1]

col1 =    ['blue']
col2 =    ['red']

plt.scatter(point_x,point_y, c=col1,marker='o')
plt.scatter(point_x,point_y, c=col2,marker=donut?)

This would represent one point, where a portion of the (let’s say) sphere, is color1, and a portion of (probably) a donut around the center of sphere, is color2.

Has anyone tried this?

Asked By: Billy Matlock



maybe specifiying the point size s would help

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

point_x = 1
point_y = 1

col1 = ['blue']
col2 = ['red']

plt.scatter(point_x, point_y, c=col1, marker='o', s=1000)
plt.scatter(point_x, point_y, c=col2, marker='o', s=500)


enter image description here

Answered By: AlexWach
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