5*2=55 not 10! Why?


I want to output 5 * 2 = 10 but python output is 55!
How do I resolve this problem?

a = 0
b = 2

a = input("a? :") #(get 5 as input)

c = a * b

print (c)

This is my code.
when I input a number it repeat same number I entered two times insterd of showing multipiy it. What do I have to do to solve this?

Asked By: Tharindu Thathsara



I am not familiar with python, Are you making it into a string?
In dart if you multiply a number by a string it will print the string as many times as you multiply.
"5" * 2 = "5""5", displayed as 55
Is it possible that you are doing this?

Answered By: George Lee

a is a string,

so it will be


if you want 10, you need to cast a to int.


here is the link to document


Answered By: Talha Tayyab
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