python function: how to unset a default argument value


if i have

def (a=10, b=2): ...

how do I unset a=1? I was told I need to not set ‘a’ but I can’t find how to do that on google, it just sets itself to the default value if I don’t have it, and I need to completely unset it

the library is madmom and the instruction was "If look_ahead is not set, a constant tempo throughout the whole piece is assumed. If look_ahead is set, the local tempo (in a range +/- look_ahead seconds around the actual position) is estimated and then the next beat is tracked accordingly. This procedure is repeated from the new position to the end of the piece.".

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Simply pass new values to your function on call:

def func(a=10, b=2)
   print(a, b)

Call with default arguments:


Call with non-default arguments:

func(20, 3)
Answered By: Bohdan

answer is that I had to set it to None and it worked

Answered By: idiot
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