How would I sort this json based off of each id's score value using Python?


I’m trying to put these ID’s in order based off of each ones score value, highest being on the top and lowest being on the bottom

  "Users": {
    "586393728470745123": {
      "score": 150, 
      "name": "user1"
    "437465122378874895": {
      "score": 115, 
      "name": "user2"
    "904032786854346795": {
      "score": 65, 
      "name": "user3"
    "397930609894490122": {
      "score": 810, 
      "name": "user4"
    "384814725164433408": {
      "score": 10, 
      "name": "user5"
    "337104925387390977": {
      "score": 1, 
      "name": "user6"
    "243452651541495808": {
      "score": 10, 
      "name": "user7"}

I tried using pythons sorted() function but couldn’t figure it out myself

Asked By: PeeblYweeb



Well, i don’t know what data structure you want to get, but in Python, dicts do not have no particular order of keys. So, if having a list of user id’s, sorted by their score, try something like this (Scores is the dict you posted):

sorted(list(Scores["Users"]),key= lambda x: Scores["Users"][x]["score"])

Also, notice, that the first id is the one with the lowest score. If you want it the other way round, add reverse = True after the lambda.

Answered By: Ni3dzwi3dz
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