creating and visualizing spacy spans


I have a problem visualizing manually created spans in spacy:

given the simple code:

from spacy.tokens import Span
text = "Welcome to the Bank of China. "
nlp = spacy.blank("en")
doc = nlp(text)

doc.spans["xx"] = [Span(doc, 0, 1, "ORG")]
doc.spans["sc"] = [
    Span(doc, 3, 6, "ORG"), 
    Span(doc, 5, 6, "GPE"),
    Span(doc, 2, 4, "welcome")

the following visualizer works:

displacy.render(doc, style="span")

enter image description here

but if the spans do not contain the key "SC" it does not work

enter image description here

The error is key error "sc"

What is the problem there? why is the rendering not showing me all the spans?
The code giving the error is:

doc.spans["xx"] = [
    Span(doc, 3, 6, "ORG"), 
    Span(doc, 5, 6, "GPE"),
    Span(doc, 2, 4, "welcome")
displacy.render(doc, style="span", options ={"spans_key":"xx"})
Asked By: JFerro



As explained in the displaCy documentation, by default the spans in the key "sc" are used. You can change it with the spans_key parameter.

render doesn’t take spans_key correctly, you have to include it in options.

From the docs, modified to use render instead of serve:

doc.spans["custom"] = [Span(doc, 3, 6, "BANK")]
options = {"spans_key": "custom"}
displacy.render(doc, style="span", options=options)
Answered By: polm23
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