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Hi I’d like to understand how in the following python program to proceed to add "the latest added number" and the "count of numbers that were added". the output should be like [121 21 11], the code gives 121 but how do I get the other two?

sum = 0
k = 1
while sum <= 100:
  sum = sum + k
  k = k + 2

I don’t know what commands to use to find out the answer, sum is 121, how do I add 21 which is the last number added before sum <= 100 and 11 which is the count of numbers (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21)

Asked By: ruff



First off, "sum" is a built-in function, so you should not use it as a variable name.

Next, you can easily build a list of your nums making it easy to get sum, count, last, etc.

nums = [1]
while sum(nums) <= 100:

print(sum(nums), nums[-1], len(nums))
121 21 11
Answered By: Kurt

you should just store your ks in a list so you can access them later:

sum = 0
k = 1
k_list = [1]

while sum <= 100:
    sum += k
    k += 2

print(sum, k_list[-1], len(k_list))
Answered By: maxxel_
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