Rs mutate() and grepl() in Python


I have a column in a dataset that lists all of the softwares that a given computer has installed. I have created multiple binary columns from this column so each software has its own column. My R code is below:

data <- data %>%
  mutate(MS_Office_installed = ifelse(grepl("MS Office", installed_software), 1, 0),
         Adobe_Acrobat_installed = ifelse(grepl("Adobe Acrobat", installed_software), 1, 0),
         Slack_installed = ifelse(grepl("Slack", installed_software), 1, 0),
         Mathcard_installed = ifelse(grepl("Mathcard", installed_software), 1, 0),
         Google_Chrome_installed = ifelse(grepl("Google Chrome", installed_software), 1, 0))

How can I duplicate this in Python? Some observations have no softwares installed and have NaN

Asked By: amatof



You may use str.contains here. For example:

df["MS_Office_installed"] = df["installed_software"].str.contains(r'bMS Officeb', regex=True).astype(int)

Use similar logic for the other desired boolean columns.

Answered By: Tim Biegeleisen
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