Problem with multiple decimal points (Python)


I have having a bit of a problem:

I am trying to convert these numbers:




But I am really not sure how I do this, when the number of decimal points is different?

I have tried .split(‘.’) but its difficult with changing decimal points.

I was wondering if you guys had any pointers for this small problem? Kind regard.

for number in data.fundreturn:
        new_number = number.split('.')[0]
for number in data.bitcoinreturn:
        new_number = number.split('.')[0]

but then I get 0, 8, and 1

The code snippet basically is me going through each column and trying to covert the values.

Asked By: Stephen



If I understood your problem correctly, the split function would be enough as a solution if used like this:

data = ["-0.2179", "-8.742.754.508", "1.698.516.678"]
fund = []
for number in data:
    split = number.split('.')
    integer_part = split[0]
    fractional_part = ''.join([split[i] for i in range(1, len(split))])
    new_number = float('.'.join((integer_part, fractional_part)))
    # rounding to two decimal points
    new_number = round(new_number, 2)

Answered By: Mehrdad Saberi

This solution takes into account the decimal part after the first dot and ignores the rest of the string.

def convert(number: str) -> float:
    n = number.split(".")
    return float(n[0]) if len(n)<2 else float(f"{n[0]}.{n[1]}")

convert("32")  # 32.0
convert("-8.742.754.508")  # -8.742
Answered By: 0x0fba
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