Values replacement in python pandas


I need to replace each cell containing values like number1(number2) with number2 (the value inside the parenthesis). For example: 56(3) -> 3, 33(5) -> 5

These values can appear in different columns.

The problem is that with pandas function

df.replace(to_replace=..., value=...)

i cannot use as value something that depends on the string matched.

I was trying something like:

df.replace(to_replace='[0-9]+([0-9]+)', value=lambda x: int(x.split("(")[1].strip(")")), regex=True)

But the lambda function doesn’t work. Suggestions?

Asked By: Mattyred99



Have you tried df.apply instead?

A caveat is that using apply on a dataFrame sends the entire row as input to the lambda function, so you will have to do something like this:

for col in df.columns:
    df[col] = df[col].apply(<insert lambda function here>)
Answered By: PVTejas _ys_
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