Delete rows with a certain condition in pandas


I have a data frame and I want to delete rows that in the column "Phrase", pattern "___" exists.

Index PHRASE Label
0 proposed by the president of the 1
1 Living ___ 1
2 "Murder, ___ Wrote" 0
But Imagin that the data fram has 2,000,000 enteries
import re

df_clean = pd.DataFrame()
z = 0
y = 0
for i in df_original["PHRASE"]:
  x ="___", i)
  if x:
    y = y + 1
    z = z + 1

this is what I came up with so far, I know it's not right, Does anyone know the answer? (by the way append takes a lot of time)
Asked By: Navid Aslankhani




Where the ~ symbol negates the operation.

Answered By: Vini
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