Why is VS Code unable to convert this List into a Int?


def load_matrix():
matrix = sys.stdin.read()
matrix = matrix.strip().split('n')
matrix = [row.split(' ') for row in matrix]
for m in matrix:
    matrix=[int(l) for l in m] 
print("n Data Loaded Sucessfully")
return var

Look at this piece of code. I am trying to take a matrix directly as the input for the program, but the read function takes the input as a list of strings. To convert it into a int object for performing math functions, i have used the code above. running fine with online compilers but VS Code keeps throwing an error saying:

ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘4x1a’
(when given the input as:-
This )

From what I have researched, this happens when the value passed cannot be converted into an integer.

When I run a similar code in Jupyter notebook it runs smoothly.
Your Help will be appreciated.

Asked By: Rishit Chakraborty



As pointed in the comments, x1a is the unicode character to indicate EOF. I really don’t know what you are trying to achieve in your code, but I can help you fix it.

In my knowledge, x1a takes 1 length in the str, so removing it would be easy as it always be at the end of the matrix.

matrix = matrix.strip().split('n')
matrix = [x if 'x1a' not in x else x[:len(x)-1] for x in matrix]

It checks for x1a, if it is found, it removes it from the matrix.

Output (It also includes the edited matrix, or to be exact newly created matrix):

['1 2', '3 4']

 Data Loaded Sucessfully

0   3
1   4
Answered By: Sam
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