How to convert list column into a single column and the concat in pandas dataframe


I would like convert each list column into one single column and then concat for below dataframe

 data = {'labels': ['[management,workload,credibility]','[ethic,hardworking,profession]'],
    'Score': [[0.55,0.36,0.75],[0.41,0.23,0.14]]}
 # Create DataFrame
 df = pd.DataFrame(data)

new dataframe output should look like this

    labels         Score
    management      0.55
    workload        0.36    
    credibility     0.75
    ethic           0.41
    hardworking     0.23
    profession      0.14

Thank you

Asked By: melik



Create lists from labels column by Series.str.strip and Series.str.split and then use DataFrame.explode:

df1 = (df.assign(labels= df['labels'].str.strip('[]').str.split(','))

For oldier pandas versions use:

df1 = (df.assign(labels= df['labels'].str.strip('[]').str.split(','))
         .apply(lambda x: x.explode()))
print (df1)
        labels Score
0   management  0.55
0     workload  0.36
0  credibility  0.75
1        ethic  0.41
1  hardworking  0.23
1   profession  0.14
Answered By: jezrael
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