error when installing dlib on Windows 10 [PYTHON]


Whenever I try to install dlib using pip install dlib or pip3 install dlib, I get the following error message error

I have already downloaded cmake and cv2, and I have also added cmake bin to the environment variables, I am not sure what else I could do to get this working. My main point downloading dlib is to be able to use the face_recognition library.

Asked By: joazeiro



Follow the article on the

  1. Install CMake from its official website and make sure choose the right version according to your system configuration.
  2. While installing CMake select Add CMake to the system PATH to avoid any error in the next steps.
  3. Install the c++ compiler of the visual studio code community version.
  4. Install cmake library pip install cmake.
  5. Install dlib library pip install dlib.
Answered By: Jurakin