How to set a fixed width of several columns in sheet by openpyxl?


I would like to create a for loop for columns from B to AG for which it will do the width = 3 in xlsx file. I am using openpyxl library.
Is there any method to get the index of letters from the xlsx sheet and create such a loop according to it?

# settings for userAccountControl sheet:
sheet_3_name = 'userAccountControl'
flag_col_width = 3
wb_master[sheet_3_name].column_dimensions['B'].width = flag_col_width
wb_master[sheet_3_name].column_dimensions['AG'].width = flag_col_width
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You can start by making a list of all possible column letters in Excel ('A' to 'XFD') then make a slice/loop based on the range of columns you need to set width for.

To make this out, you can use openpyxl.utils.cell.get_column_letter :

from openpyxl.utils.cell import get_column_letter

col_xl = [get_column_letter(idx) for idx in range(1, 16384+1)] #16384 is Excel's limit

start_col, end_col = ("B", "AG")
sheet_3_name = 'userAccountControl'
flag_col_width = 3

for col in col_xl[col_xl.index(start_col):col_xl.index(end_col)+1]:
    wb_master[sheet_3_name].column_dimensions[col].width = flag_col_width
Answered By: Timeless
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