How can I retrieve relative document in MongoDB?


I’m using Flask with Jinja2 template engine and MongoDB via pymongo. This are my documents from two collections (phone and factory):

phone = db.get_collection("phone")

    "_id": ObjectId("63d8d39206c9f93e68d27206"),
    "brand": "Apple",
    "model": "iPhone XR",
    "year": NumberInt("2016"),
    "image": "",
    "CPU": {
        "manufacturer": "A12 Bionic",
        "cores": NumberInt("10")
    "misc": [
        "Bluetooth 5.0",
    "factory_id": ObjectId("63d8d42b7a4d7a7e825ef956")

factory = db.get_collection("factory")
    "_id": ObjectId("63d8d42b7a4d7a7e825ef956"),
    "name": "Foxconn",
    "stock": NumberInt("1000")

In my python code to retrieve the data I do:

models = list(
    phone.find({"brand": brand}, projection={"model": True, "image": True, "factory_id": True})

How can I retrieve relative factory document by factory_id and have it as an embedded document in a models list?

Asked By: Vitalii Mytenko



I think you are looking for this query using aggregation stage $lookup.

So this query:

  • First $match by your desired brand.
  • Then do a "join" between collections based on the factory_id and store it in an array called "factory". The $lookup output is always an array because can be more than one match.
  • Last project only values you want. In this case, as _id is unique you can get the factory using $arrayElemAt position 0.

So the code can be like this (I’m not a python expert)

models = list(
            "$match": {
                "brand": brand
            "$lookup": {
                "from": "factory",
                "localField": "factory_id",
                "foreignField": "_id",
                "as": "factories"
            "$project": {
                "model": True,
                "image": True,
                "factory": {
                    "$arrayElemAt": [
Answered By: J.F.
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