MariaDBConnector/Python Connection Pools get slower to get connections with each connection in the pool


I’m using the MariaDB/Python connector on Python 3.11, Linux Mint, latest version of MariaDB, etc and I can’t for the life of me figure this out. I have a simple function called get_connection() that returns a Connection from mariadb.ConnectionPool, and with pool_size=1, the response time in Postman is 75ms, but with pool_size=5, the response time is 400ms. There is nothing else going on in this request except for a FastAPI Middleware that opens and closes this connection. There comes a threshold with this issue where it’s simply faster to open a new connection per request, as opposed to using a ConnectionPool.

I expect get_connection() to have the same response time whether I have pool_size=5 or pool_size=64.

Here is the code:

POOL = mariadb.ConnectionPool(

def get_connection() -> Connection:
    Returns a DatabaseHandler object
    before =
    connection = POOL.get_connection()
    after =
    print((after - before).microseconds)
    return connection
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We experienced the same problem when running internal benchmarks with connection pool instead of a single connection.

The problem is caused by unnecessary health check (sending MYSQL_PING) when iterating over unused connections.

Fix is planned for 1.1.6 (scheduled for mid Feb)

For tracking status of this issue, please check CONPY-245

Update (Feb 1): Issue has been fixed and will be available in 1.1.6 release:

$ python3.11
Acquiring 100000 connections via Pool
Pool size: 64
Average time per connection: 19 ms

Acquiring 100000 connections without Pool
Average time per connection: 170 ms
Answered By: Georg Richter
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