Python ‘entry’ text make readable only


I have the next line of code to create entry text inputs in python:

globals()[f"dv_{key}_{subkey}"] = tk.Entry(self.root, width=250)

That text create input texts to enter data as shown in photo:

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I want to make only readable then I entered the command as this:

globals()[f"dv_{key}_{subkey}"] = tk.Entry(self.root, width=250, state='disabled')

Of course it does the job so you can’t input text hat is what I want, the problem is the text they have disappear as shown in photo:

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How can i make to make readable only but that they show the real values the had before i entered the state='disabled'?

Here is code to read de JSOn file:

import json
import tkinter as tk

class JsonEditor:
    def __init__(self, root, filename):
        self.root = root
        self.root.title("JSON Editor")
        self.json_data = {}
        self.textboxes = []
        self.filename = filename

    def create_widgets(self):
        # create menu bar
        menubar = tk.Menu(self.root)
        filemenu = tk.Menu(menubar, tearoff=0)
        filemenu.add_command(label="Save", command=self.save_file)
        menubar.add_cascade(label="File", menu=filemenu)

        # create textboxes for JSON keys and values
        row = 0
        for key, value in self.json_data.items():
            if isinstance(value, dict):
                label = tk.Label(self.root, text=key)
                label.grid(row=row, column=0)
                row += 1
                for subkey, subvalue in value.items():
                    sublabel = tk.Label(self.root, text=subkey)
                    sublabel.grid(row=row, column=1)
                    subtextbox = tk.Entry(self.root, width=50)
                    subtextbox.insert(0, subvalue)
                    subtextbox.grid(row=row, column=2)
                    self.textboxes.append((key, subkey, subtextbox))
                    row += 1
                label = tk.Label(self.root, text=key)
                label.grid(row=row, column=0)
                textbox = tk.Entry(self.root, width=50)
                textbox.insert(0, value)
                textbox.grid(row=row, column=1)
                self.textboxes.append((key, textbox))
                row += 1

        # create submit button
        submit_button = tk.Button(self.root, text="Submit", command=self.save_file)
        submit_button.grid(row=row, column=1)

    def read_file(self):
        with open(self.filename, "r") as f:
            self.json_data = json.load(f)

    def save_file(self):
        for item in self.textboxes:
            if len(item) == 2:
                key, textbox = item
                self.json_data[key] = textbox.get()
            elif len(item) == 3:
                key, subkey, subtextbox = item
                self.json_data[key][subkey] = subtextbox.get()
        with open(self.filename, "w") as f:
            json.dump(self.json_data, f)

root = tk.Tk()

# set the display resolution

# set the JSON file path
filename = "C:/orderprepare.json"

# create the editor GUI
editor = JsonEditor(root, filename)

# start the GUI main loop

The script reads any JSON file with any values but anyway I attach and example of JSON file:

    "ShipTo": {
        "CustomerName1": "test test",
        "CustomerName2": "test test",
        "Phone": "000-000-0000dfswerwer",
        "Address1": "test test",
        "Address2": "dfewrwer",
        "City": "Tazewellddsewrer",
        "StateOrProvince": "TNdsfsewr",
        "PostalCode": "82823",
        "Country": "USA"
    "BillTo": {
        "CustomerName1": "test2 test2",
        "CustomerName2": "test2 test2",
        "Address1": "test test",
        "Address2": "dfewrwer",
        "City": "anywhere",
        "StateOrProvince": "TNdsfsewr",
        "PostalCode": "84747",
        "Country": "USA"
    "ItemList": [
            "ItemNumber": "itemxxxx111",
            "BuyerPartNumber": "partxxx1111",
            "Quantity": "7",
            "UnitPrice": "809"
Asked By: Alex Co



You can set the "state" of the Entry widget to "readonly" instead of "disabled". This will make the widget read-only, but still display its value.

Here’s an updated code example:

globals()[f"dv_{key}_{subkey}"] = tk.Entry(self.root, width=250, state='readonly')

With this change, the Entry widget will still display its value, but the user won’t be able to edit it.

Answered By: JABRI

You have to insert the data before setting the state, otherwise the state of "readonly" or "disabled" will prevent you from inserting the data.

for subkey, subvalue in value.items():
    subtextbox = tk.Entry(self.root, width=50)
    subtextbox.insert(0, subvalue)
Answered By: Bryan Oakley
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