Installation of midaspy packages


How do I import packages not on pypi with pip?

I am having trouble importing the package "midaspy" to my spider ide. Even though i used pip install and i can see the packages in the anaconda environment, it still cannot be imported in the ide console. I am new to python and used to R.

I get the error
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘midaspy’ when trying to import it. Hope someone can help.

I tried pip install.
Then pip uninstall (which did not work)

and then conda install -c conda-forge midaspy

Asked By: Mads Juul



here is the command I used to get the package:

pip install git+[email protected]#egg=midaspy

example imports:

from midaspy.iolib import *
from midaspy.model import MIDASRegressor

This is the guide for importing packages from git:

Answered By: watrgoat