Can I automate discord actions with python?


I want to set up a python script that runs automatically in some situations which opens different programs and among other things joins my main discord voice channel. I figured out most of it, but with discord I am struggling so far. Every tutorial I found is for dicord bots – that’s not what I am looking for. I want my currently logged in user to join a specific channel if that channel is available.

I already tried to just copy the link for that channel and use the webbrowser module:

import webbrowser'')

But that uses the browser, and I have not found a way for it to open in discord yet.

The tutorials was speaking of earlier all need an api token. I would prefer if I don’t need one, to keep the dependencies as small as possible.

I already worked with somewhat similar apis (telegram for example), and I can imagine that there’s no way without a token.

But just to be sure, is there a solution?

Asked By: ningelsohn



You can indeed open a link in the discord app with the webbrowser module in python.

Here’s an example code:

import webbrowser

# Discord link to open
discord_link = ""

# Use the "discord://" protocol handler to open the link in the Discord app
discord_protocol_link = discord_link.replace("https://", "discord://")

You (of course) need the discord app on your PC in order for this to work. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to ask me.

Answered By: CocaColaCoder
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