How do you grant personal use access for Gmail's python API?


In the past, I was able to successfully follow Gmail’s python quickstart guide to gain read-only access to my gmail account. However, when trying to work through the steps today, I’m unable to authorize / grant access to the API? Specifically, I’m seeing this verification error:

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Searching around, I found docs on not needing to verify personal use apps (which this is), but I’m not prompted with (or able to prompt) the unverified app screen. Are there specific steps I can/should follow to either (1) remove the need for verification, or (2) otherwise authorize access for my personal use w/o needing to go through the app-verification process?

Asked By: Scott Borden



This is not quite about verification, the main problem is that your app is in "Testing" status.

Try to go to your GCP project’s OAuth consent screen configuration page at You’ll probably see something like this:

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Note the message about "Testing" status:

While publishing status is set to "Testing", only test users are able to access the app. Allowed user cap prior to app verification is 100, and is counted over the entire lifetime of the app.

This means that in "Testing" status you have to explicitly add test users who are allowed to use your app. You can add your own account or accounts, or you can change the "Publishing status" to "Published". You will then be prompted to verify your app, but you can ignore it. The only downside is that you will be shown a scary screen saying that the app is not verified, but you can still bypass that to authorize it since you presumably do trust yourself.


Answered By: Daniel
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