size of figure in sns.histplot


I was trying to fix the size of figure when comparing one variable to other.

columns = ['Education_Level' ]
bins = [30, 6]
for i, columns in enumerate(columns): 
    fig = sns.FacetGrid(BankChurners, col='Attrition_Flag', hue='Attrition_Flag', height=5)
    plt.figure(figsize=(15,8)), columns, bins=bins[i], kde=False) 

enter image description here

as you can see below that the labels don’t appear clearly. I have tried figzie(15,8) and other things but no luck. If you have a hint or idea that would be greatly appreciated.

Asked By: Riddle2795



I can see that you have specified the height in the FacetGrid function. Now try using the aspect parameter to control the ratio between height and width, e.g.:

fig = sns.FacetGrid(BankChurners, col='Attrition_Flag', hue='Attrition_Flag', height=5, aspect=0.35)

You will find a few example plots in the FacetGrid help page.

Answered By: Sheldon
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