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In Python I need to write a list of numpy-arrays (see attached picture) to a txt.-file and then reuse that original list of arrays in a new python-file. How can I do that?

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read_files = open("read_files.txt","w+")

content = str(df)


Then in the new python-file I did:

file = open("read_files.txt", "r")
content = file.read()

But when I want to slice the list of arrays in the new python-file I get the following error:

TypeError: string indices must be integers
Asked By: yessir22



Use np.save for 3D arrays:

arr = np.random.random((20, 10, 5))

np.save('arr', arr)  # extension .npy

arr2 = np.load('arr.npy')

Note: the file is not human readable.


>>> np.all(arr2 == arr)
Answered By: Corralien
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