Sort tuples based on second parameter


I have a list of tuples that look something like this:

("Person 1",10)
("Person 2",8)
("Person 3",12)
("Person 4",20)

What I want produced, is the list sorted in ascending order, by the second value of the tuple. So L[0] should be ("Person 2", 8) after sorting.

How can I do this? Using Python 3.2.2 If that helps.

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You can use the key parameter to list.sort():

my_list.sort(key=lambda x: x[1])

or, slightly faster,


(As with any module, you’ll need to import operator to be able to use it.)

Answered By: Sven Marnach
    def findMaxSales(listoftuples):
        newlist = []
        tuple = ()
        for item in listoftuples:
             movie = item[0]
             value = (item[1])
             tuple = value, movie

             newlist += [tuple]
             highest = newlist[-1]
             result = highest[1]
       return result

             movieList = [("Finding Dory", 486), ("Captain America: Civil                      

             War", 408), ("Deadpool", 363), ("Zootopia", 341), ("Rogue One", 529), ("The  Secret Life of Pets", 368), ("Batman v Superman", 330), ("Sing", 268), ("Suicide Squad", 325), ("The Jungle Book", 364)]

output –> Rogue One

Answered By: Darrell White

You may also apply the sorted function on your list, which returns a new sorted list. This is just an addition to the answer that Sven Marnach has given above.

# using *sort method*
mylist.sort(key=lambda x: x[1]) 

# using *sorted function*
l = sorted(mylist, key=lambda x: x[1]) 
Answered By: Samuel Nde
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