Admin interface for SQLAlchemy?


I’ve been developing a Django app, however I’ve recently changed the overall architecture plan. I no longer need a web-framework, just a simple Python script, so I’m changing from using the Django ORM to using SQLAlchemy to create and manage the database.

Previously I was using the Django Admin interface to review things that users had posted (which get added to the database), for the purposes of moderating them.

I still need a way of moderating user added content via a website. I think there are two options:

  • Build an admin web interface myself, from scratch 🙁
  • Use an existing library, that makes creating an admin interface easier (for a database created with SQLAlchemy).

I’ve started looking into FormAlchemy. If you’ve got experience with FormAlchemy: is it possible to create an admin interface with it, and is a particular framework that is preferable to build it with?

Otherwise, do you know of any good solutions to the SQLAlchemy admin interface problem?

Asked By: Jon Cox



There wasn’t one when I looked, either. But I did start developing one myself. I have a generic data editor working now, although not as far along as the Django one. You’re welcome to fork it.

Mostly found in these files:

But it does depend on the pycopia web application framework as well. It’s a basic server-side interface now, but I’ve been converting it to a JSON/XHR type RPC interactive interface.

I actually use it, even though it’s not complete.

Answered By: Keith

You can also check fa.bootstrap – twitter bootstrap integration for pyramid_formalchemy:

With pyramid_formalchemy it is now much easier to get admin panel in non django-app.

Answered By: amleczko

Camelot is really great for this, but its a desktop app.

Restin is another option if you are using elixir (which you should be, to be honest).

Answered By: Burhan Khalid

Use Flask-Admin. Right now it has about 70% of Django features, some really great features, that Django doesn’t support and it extremely flexible as Flask

Answered By: ArtemSerga

There is a new (WIP) package django-sqlalchemy:

Answered By: Taha Jahangir

there is another option called "sqladmin" –


Answered By: adir abargil