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For some reason, I have to run a php script to get an image from Python. Because the php script is very big and it is not mine, it will takes me days to find out the right algorithm used and translate it into python.

I am wonder if there is any way to run php script, with few parameters, which returns a image, in python.

Asked By: jiahao



You can simply execute the php executable from Python.

Edit: example for Python 3.5 and higher using subprocess.run:

import subprocess

result = subprocess.run(
    ['php', 'image.php'],    # program and arguments
    stdout=subprocess.PIPE,  # capture stdout
    check=True               # raise exception if program fails
print(result.stdout)         # result.stdout contains a byte-string
Answered By: Sjoerd

Make a wrapper around the PHP script, which:

  • performs the stuff (If I understand well, it’s an image creation),
  • then redirects (301 Moved Permanently) to the result image,
  • (also, the image should be purged some day).

So you can refer to this service (the PHP script) with a simple HTTP request, from anywhere, you can test it with browser, use from Python prg, you need just download the image the usual way.

Also, if you have a such standalone sub-system, don’t feel bad about implement it with different language/technique. It has several advantages, e.g. you can install that service on a different host.

Recommended reading: Service-Oriented Architecture on Wikipedia.

Answered By: ern0

If you can run the PHP script locally from the command-line, subprocess.check_output() will let you can PHP and will capture the return value.

If you are accessing PHP via a socket, then you can use urllib.urlopen() or urllib.urlretrieve() to pull down the resource.

Answered By: Raymond Hettinger

Example code:

import subprocess

# if the script don't need output.
subprocess.call("php /path/to/your/script.php")

# if you want output
proc = subprocess.Popen("php /path/to/your/script.php", shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
script_response = proc.stdout.read()
Answered By: xdazz

You can use php.py. This would allow you to execute php code in python, like in this example (taken from here):

php = PHP("require '../code/private/common.php';")
code = """for ($i = 1; $i <= 10; $i++) { echo "$in"; }"""
print php.get_raw(code)
Answered By: Wesley
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