Python Pathlib path object not converting to string


I am trying to use Shutil to copy a pdf file using path objects from Pathlib, however when I run my code I get the error “str object is not callable”
when converting my paths back to strings using str(). Any explanation for why this is occurring would be very helpful. Thanks!

from pathlib import Path
from wand.image import Image as wandImage
import shutil
import sys
import os

def pdf2Jpeg(pdf_path):
    pdf = pdf_path
    jpg = pdf[:-3] + "jpg"
    img = wandImage(filename=pdf)

src0 = Path(r"G:Well SchematicsWell HistoriesMerged")
dst0 = Path(r"G:Well SchematicsWell HistoriesOut")
if not dst0.exists():

pdfs = []
api = ''
name = ''
pnum = ''
imgs = []

for pdf in src0.iterdir():

for pdf in pdfs:

    if not dst0.exists():

    str = str(pdf.stem)
    split = str.split('_')
    api = split[0]
    name = split[1]
    pnum = split[2]

    shutil.copy(str(pdf), str(dst0))
    for file in dst0.iterdir():
        newpdf = file
Asked By: MrClean



The problem is here:

str = str(pdf.stem)

You’re overwriting the value str, so starting from the 2nd iteration of your loop, str no longer refers to the built-in str function. Choose a different name for this variable.

Answered By: Aran-Fey
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