JSON.stringify (Javascript) and json.dumps (Python) not equivalent on a list?


In javascript:

var myarray = [2, 3];
var json_myarray = JSON.stringify(myarray) // '[2,3]'

But in Python:

import json 
mylist = [2, 3]
json_mylist = json.dumps(mylist) # '[2, 3]' <-- Note the space

So the 2 functions aren’t equivalent. It’s a bit unexpected for me and a bit problematic when trying to compare some data for example.

Some explanation about it?

Asked By: ThePhi



The difference is that json.dumps applies some minor pretty-printing by default but JSON.stringify does not.

To remove all whitespace, like JSON.stringify, you need to specify the separators.

json_mylist = json.dumps(mylist, separators=(',', ':'))
Answered By: Mike Cluck
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