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I would like to bundle an application into an executable using PyInstaller. I am having issues because of the geopandas library. Currently my script contains only the following import:

import geopandas

However running pyinstaller does not work. It appears to have problems with PyQt5 which only matplotlib imports.

The log for pyinstalleris too long to include here however the following shows the last exception encountered:

            Cannot find existing PyQt5 plugin directories
            Paths checked: c:/qt/qt_1489878162099/_b_env/Library/plugins

I am not sure how to approach this, but there are a couple of conceptual options:

  • Find a way to exclude the geopandas import of matplotlib. I am not using matplotlib so I don’t really need it to be packaged in the first place
  • Figure out why this problem is occurring and prevent/fix it

What can I do next?

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This pyinstaller -y -d --clean works for me.

enter image description here

Also, check this question.

There is an issue with the recursing limit, stated here.
Try to increase it like this:

import sys

I solved this problem by downloading the development version of pyinstaller as follows:

pip install

I got the above from this link. The current conda-forge distribution of pyinstaller still does not include this change which is included in the development version. The code prior to that change is what was causing the error in the question to occur.

Hopefully the conda-forge distribution will soon come to incorporate this into the main distribution.

So basically if you are experiencing this problem you have two choices:

  • Install development version of PyInstaller and use that
  • Manually go inside the and modify the file as indicated here
Answered By: user32882
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