How to get image bytes from telegram message using Telethon


I’m trying to locate bytes of image contained in the message I’m downloading from telegram channels I’m following. However, I keep getting errors that MessageMediaPhoto does not have attribute bytes. Below is the relevant snipped of code:

            id = event.message.to_id
            chat_username = client.get_entity(id)
            usr = chat_username.username
            image_base =
            image_bytes =
            message =
            url = ("" + str(usr) + "/" + str(message))
Asked By: Matthew



you have to download the image first using the download_media method first in order to do that. a simple Message object does not have that information.

Answered By: painor

This ended up working for me:

photo_1 =
image_buf = BytesIO(), format="JPEG")
image = image_buf.getvalue()
Answered By: Matthew

We can use BytesIO from python’s io library.

from io import BytesIO

image_bytes = BytesIO()

Then, we get the image bytes of the message in image_bytes.

Answered By: Richard Zhao
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