Multithreading with pyqt5


I am creating an app "pdf text to speech" and it works fine.

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When I press "convert" I want this group box to run in a separate thread displaying the progress (the progress bar is inside a group box) and the current page. How can I do this?
This is the function I am using to convert text to speech:

def convert_clicked(self):
    self.start = int(self.lineEdit_5.text()) #start reading
    self.end = int(self.lineEdit_8.text())
    speaker = pyttsx3.init()
    speaker.setProperty("rate", 140)
    for i in range(self.start-1, self.end+1):
            page = self.pdfreader.getPage(i)
            text = page.extractText()
            speaker.save_to_file(text, f'{self.save_path}\page {i+1}.mp3')
Asked By: Chandler Bong



This is an example with Pyqt5, using pyqt5 threads. I’ve included a signal you can emit back to your main application so you can update the progress bar as well as an int example (emit_var), to show how you can pass data from your main thread to the worker thread. I usually put the thread at the top of my code above the QMainApplication and the initialization and listen function below.

Class multi_thread_name(QtCore.QThread):
     signal = QtCore.pyqtSignal(int)

     def init(self, message):


         self.message = message

         def run(self):


            print("insert your code here to be executed in the 

            for i in range(0,100):
                emit_var = i


To get the signal data transmitted from the thread you need a listener thread.

def listen(message):

    print("message will be an int, emitted from the pyqt thread for 
    your progress bar. Put in your progress bar object to set val")


def initilize_thread():

    var_to_pass = "string your passing through to the thread if you 
    want to send data to the thread")

    self.thread = multi_thread_name(var_to_pass)

Answered By: Jordon Draggon