Plotly px.Scatter or go.Scatter Graph Unique Color/Symbol for specific points (Simple Map)


I am attempting to create a simple site map using Plotly. I can’t use scatter_geo because I am using known X, Y coordinates relative the site – not lat/long. px.Scatter or go.Scatter seem to be a viable option for a mostly simple map. So, I have a dataframe from that essentially looks like:

Location     Tag     x_coord    y_coord
Unit1        1-ABC     12.2       2.2
Unit1        2-DEF     -4.2       18
Unit2        3-HIJ      9          2
NaN          NaN        11         12
NaN          NaN        13         14
NaN          NaN        15         16

The NaNs are locations where a tag was NOT found, but the tool we used to do mapping continued to track an X, Y coordinate. Therefore, those points are quite useful as well.

Starting out, to create a simple scatter plot, I used:

fig = px.scatter(tagLocData, x=tagLocData['x_locations'], y=tagLocData['y_locations'])

Which worked fine for basic plotting, but I could not see the different locations. So, I moved to:

fig = px.scatter(tagLocData, x=tagLocData['x_locations'], y=tagLocData['y_locations'], color='Location')

However, this did not include the coordinates where nothing was found at the location, just the location:
enter image description here

I then tried adding a trace to a go.Figure via:

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Scatter(x=tagLocData['x_locations'], y=tagLocData['y_locations'],

fig.add_trace(go.Scatter(x=tagLocData['x_locations'], y=tagLocData['y_locations'], fillcolor='Location'))

Which yielded an expected error wanting a specific color for location, so I tried making a colorDict.

colors = ColorDict()
test = dict(zip(tagLocData['Location'].unique(), colors))

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Scatter(x=tagLocData['x_locations'], y=tagLocData['y_locations'],
                                mode='markers', marker=test)) 

This overlayed the X, Y markers over the actual locations. I have tried a few other things as well with no luck. There are a lot of related questions out there but nothing that seems to hit on what I want to do.

How can I create a nice X, Y scatter plot with this data?

Asked By: Sam Dean



px.scatter will ignore NaN values, so you can fill the NaNs with a string like "None" and pass that dataframe to px.scatter:

fig = px.scatter(tagLocData.fillna("None"), x='x_coord', y='y_coord', color='Location')

enter image description here

Answered By: Derek O
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