Issue ploting WindRose using WINDROSE doc


I’m trying to plot the windrose using a set of monthly (2 years) wind data from era5 for a fixed coordinate (a point, latlon)… I transformed the data into a DataFrame (with columns: Datetime; direction; speed) but when I try to plot I get the following error message (below):

error mensage

Using the WindRoseDoc.

I have imported:

from windrose import WindroseAxes;
ax = WindroseAxes.from_ax(), and I have tried plot;, wind_df.speed, opening=0.8)

I expected to see the rose of the wind. But all I got was the error message: ValueError: ‘Fire’ is not a valid value for name; supported values are ‘538’, ‘accent’, etc…

empty plot

Asked By: Lameira Gaspar LG



This seems similar to this issue here on a different repo, unfortunately it is unanswered. Make sure your versions of Windrose and Matplotlib are compatible…

Windrose 1.8.1 requires matplotlib >= 3

The issue seems to come from this matplotlib function, which in this instance might be checking a list of available colourmaps, python proplot mentions ‘Fire’ which is not in the list… but both matplotlib and proplot should be implementing case insensitive checks on the list you have starting with ‘538’

Have you tried explicitly setting the cmap when plotting like…

import as cm, wind_df.speed, opening=0.8, cmap = cm.tab10)
Answered By: GazYah